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By | March 17, 2021
Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is also known as “Maharaja” and “The God Of Offside In Cricket” in cricket.

Wiki bio

Sourav Ganguly was born on 8 July 1972 in West Bengal Kolkata. Sourav Ganguly is also remembered for bringing change to the Indian team. He is the player who has taught the Indian team to fight and win, Sourav Ganguly grew up in a city where Football is very popular in the city, football is more important than any other sport, due to this Saurabh also got attracted in childhood and started playing football, Saurabh started playing cricket, influenced by his elder brother,   His elder brother supported Saurabh in playing cricket, his brother made his place in the Bengal cricket team. Saurabh was in the 10th class when he started playing cricket for the first time.

Saurabh’s father had made it to his home in the middle of the concrete so that Sourav did not have to go far to practice. In 1989, Saurabh got a chance to play first-class cricket from Bengal and joined the Bengal Ranji team in 1990.  After performing well in the year 1990 to 1991, he got a place in the Indian team. He got a chance to play against the West Indies in 1992. Due to his behavior, he was also removed from Team India. In 1996, Sourav’s selection was again in the England Tour Test match.  Mohammad Azharuddin, who was the captain of Team India at the time to play, was another great batsman in the same test series, whose name was Rahul Dravid, in his first innings, Sourav Ganguly scored 131 runs at Lord’s ground the year Saurav Ganguly got married.  It was only that year that he won 4 consecutive Man of the Match matches against Pakistan in the Sahara Cup, thus becoming the first player to do ODI cricket in the world.

In 1999, Sourav Ganguly was selected in the World Cup, he scored 183 against Sri Lanka and in this innings, Rahul Dravid supported him in this match, Saurabh was chosen as the man of the match, In same year Media illuminates affair of South actress Nagma and Ganguly.  Later, Sourav and Nagma rejected the media, meanwhile, in the year 2000 the Indian team had to go through a match-fixing scandal. Some senior players also came to the name of Mohammad Azharuddin and they were removed from Team India and cricket.  Playing was also banned. After this scandal, Sourav Ganguly was made the captain of Team India, he gave the opportunity to recognize MS Dhoni, the England team who came to India in 2002 was a three-match series draw, the way Flintoff  After taking wickets on the last ball of three matches, he opened his T-shirt and started running on the ground, in the same way, again in 2002 a match with England was played on the Lord’s​, the match is remembered by every cricket lover,  Yuvraj and Mohammad Kaif played fabulous inning and Team India won the match after that Sourav Ganguly opened his T-shirt in the balcony and waved it in the air, this was his answer to Andrew Flintoff.

Physical appearance

   Height – 1.80m (5.11in)

   Hair colour – Black

   Eye colour – Black

   Weight – 68kg

Family & caste

Saurabh Ganguly belongs to the Brahmin caste, His father’s name is Chandidas Ganguly and her mother’s name is Nirupama Ganguly. He also has an elder brother named Snehasis Ganguly. Ganguly’s father is a very big businessman.

Relationship status

Saurabh Ganguly married Dona Ganguly in February 1997. His wife was an Odissi dancer, In year 2001, they had a daughter named Sana Ganguly.

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Unknown facts

  • Saurav Ganguly’s father Chandidas Ganguly used to do a flourishing printing business, his father’s third-largest business was Asia’s.
  • Sourav Ganguly used to do everything with right-hand writing, bowling but his brother Snehasis was left-handed, due to this Sourav Ganguly also started left-handed batting so that he could use his brother’s cricket kit.


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