Selena Gomez Will Host Saturday Night Live

Selena Gomez Will Host Saturday Night Live.

On May 14, Selena Gomez will headline ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the first time.

At the long-running comedy event later this month, the 29-year-old star will be joined by Post Malone, who will perform as a musical guest.

Selena joked on Instagram when she shared the news, “Mom… I guess I’ve made it.”

The brunette’s beauty also expressed her delight at presenting the popular TV show.

“I’m very grateful and delighted,” Selena, who has over 300 million Instagram followers, stated. “See you on May 14!!!”

Selena also included a photo of three post-it notes with her name, Post Malone’s name, and the date of their appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the post.

Selena verified the news after announcing her “personal mission” to raise awareness about mental health concerns.

The chart-topping artist and her make-up business Rare Beauty’s Rare Impact Fund have launched the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum in collaboration with MTV Entertainment.

“As a mental health advocate, I am happy to join forces with MTV Entertainment and my social impact initiative, the Rare Impact Fund, to destigmatize mental health by fostering positive self-acceptance and mental well-being conversations,” Selena said stated.

“I’ve always had a strong interest in mental health advocacy and education, so I founded Rare Beauty and the Rare Impact Fund. Continue this essential effort and enable young people to address their mental health is my mission.”

On May 18, the Mental Health Youth Action Forum will take place in Washington, DC.

Selena will attend the Forum alongside 30 other mental health young activists, with the Rare Impact Fund intending to raise $100 million over the next decade.