Jayda Cheaves Net Worth 2022 – Income, Wealth, Boyfriend, Phone Number, Career & More

What is Jayda Cheaves Net Worth? Jayda Cheaves’s net worth will be around $4 million in 2022. 

Jayda Cheaves reportedly earns $ 2 million per year. She is a famous entrepreneur and Instagram star with a growing net worth. 

However, she is growing his wealth very fast.

Jayda Cheaves Net Worth

Full Name Jayda Cheaves
Birth Date September 25, 1997
Birth Place Savannah, Georgia, U. S.
Profession Entreprenur, Instagram Star
Ex-boyfriend Lil Baby
Net Worth $4 million

Who is Jayda Cheaves?

Jayda Cheaves is an American businesswoman, YouTuber, Instagram star, and social media celebrity.

Early Life

 African American Jayda Cheaves is. She was raised and born in Savannah, Georgia, but subsequently relocated to Atlanta to expand her company.

Her grandma is Mexican; hence she also has Mexican heritage. Jayda alleges she was forced to adopt a new identity when Hacking her account.

She got the notion to add Amour to Jayda after asking her grandma what the Spanish term for love was. She now goes by the name Amour Jayda as a result.

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 Jayda Cheaves founded her company using the Poshmark app when she was 16. She uses the app to resale clothing and makes a little profit. She met these requirements while working here and strove to grow her company.

After some time, Jayda developed her website as the next step. She made it possible for individuals to get branded clothing from here by selling them reasonably. In Atlanta, Jayda made a shop named Amour Jayda. She then assumed control of her company.

Jayda set up several profiles on various social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She might then somewhat increase the size of her company in this manner. Jayda’s social media network allowed her to gain enormous wealth and notoriety.

Jayda has collaborated with several clothing companies, including GSU WOO, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, and others. She eventually achieved great popularity thanks to the fashion industry. She offers a variety of goods for sale, including clothing, accessories, and hair products.

After some time had passed, Jayda launched her own YouTube channel in 2018. However, she quickly garnered a massive reaction from the populace. With only 22 uploads, she amassed more than 340 thousand subscribers. Her greatest accomplishment is that.

How did Jayda Cheaves make his money?

As previously stated, Jayda Cheaves’ net worth mostly comes from her role as a model and brand ambassador. She uses her social media networks to promote different apparel items, cosmetics, and other beauty goods, modelling for numerous businesses on the ramp and in print.

Jayda Cheaves Boyfriend

Jayda is not currently involved in a relationship. She was, however, dating Lil Baby, a well-known rapper. 

She began dating him in 2016. Loyal Armani is the son of Jayda and Lil Baby. 

She ended their relationship due to his infidelity with Ms London, a different celebrity.

What is Jayda Cheaves Net Worth in 2022?

Jayda Cheaves’s net worth will be around $4 million in 2022. 

Jayda Cheaves Phone Number

Unfortunately, she did not share her phone number with the public. However, she is very active on social media platforms. So you can contact her through social media and become her friend.

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